Youth landscapers collective

Artist and Producer : 2016 ongoing

A project in partnership with the National Forest bringing together young people in Moira and Donisthorpe, North Leicestershire, to explore the landscape’s industrial past and forest future. Working with artists, local historians, wildlife experts, archivists, museum curators and the public to research the area. Together we’ve created a series of environmental works shared at the international arts and forest festival, Timber. This has included a film: Under the Trees the Coal and the Clay; a public sound walk and zine: You Are Here and a series of podcasts, Listening to the Land, The Telling of the Bees audio visual piece and most recently our fungi inspired installation, The Underneath. Over six years the group has grown in confidence and skills, developing experience and commitment to shape and direct where Youth Landscapers goes next.

The Underneath installation at Timber 2022