Engagement Producer : 2018-2021

Four hundred years ago, a group of English Separatists – men, women and children – left their homes, families and jobs in the Bassetlaw area and set sail on a boat – the Mayflower – with hopes of building a new community and a better life in Massachusetts.

A project working with local people to help select and host a major arts commission inspired by Bassetlaw’s Mayflower story that responds to this history in a way that prompts conversation, explores its relevance today and is made in solidarity with the native American communities of the east coast.

With curator Kate Stoddart and a group of young people from Worksop and Retford we went on a journey of visits exploring how contemporary artists work with people and place to help inform the selection process. A film about this first phase, Journeys, can be viewed via the link. Together we shortlisted, interviewed and finally selected artist Hetain Patel. His work Landing is currently in production to be shared in 2022.